Netflix updated its iOS app, just not for the iPhone 5

Netflix updated their iOS app. The update for Android is coming soon. The focus of the app was a native code overhaul.

There are nice little bonuses that come from writing an app natively:

A simple tap on any title presents all of the information for that title and a double-tap on any title starts instant playback. Also, search is available everywhere in the application, so you can always find what you are looking for.

As an app user this is an exciting update. The web views of old were clunky and a terrible experience. The smoothness alone is wonderful.

However, as a developer I’m disappointed. I was able to update my apps to support the iPhone 5 without changing a single line of code. Certainly Netflix can do better. Hopefully within a short period of time they’ll get their act together. Netflix belongs on a cinema sized display.

Joshua Howland

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