New Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi home security camera connects to your smartphone

Lately I’ve been following a lot of home automation products and services. You may have noticed. A few weeks ago, Belkin announced a baby monitor that you could follow with your iPhone or iPad. They’re bumping up the stakes a bit and using the technology to deliver a home security package.

Night Vision and Wide Angle

The camera in the NetCam Wi-Fi Camera is capable of infrared night vision so that you can use the camera remotely to see inside or outside your home even late at night. It also takes advantage of a wide angle lens so it can capture a larger view of the room it’s used to monitor.

Alerts without a computer

This product is further evidence of a post-PC world.

Belkin’s new security cam was designed to make home security much easier and portable by connecting directly to your Wi-Fi router without the need for a computer. Instead, users just download a free app on any iOS or Android device, which lets them monitor the camera.

The device doesn’t just make it easy to watch your house remotely, it also makes it easy to get remote notifications for movement in your house.

The NetCam can also be set to send out email alerts and automatically take still shots if it detects any movement in the area.

Source: Gizmag

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