New features and sharing options in Flickr’s app update

Flickr has a new iOS app that has some update loving that is long past due. You know that Flickr missed the mobile boat when Instagram stepped in a stole the show. The hope is that this latest update can up the ante for what a photo sharing app should be. According to Wired:

Amazingly, it largely manages to pull that off, thanks to the viewing experience and an emphasis on sharing when others are backing away from it. In short, if this app had existed three years ago, it’s highly possible that Instagram would not be a thing at all.

Marissa Mayer is making sure that wherever Yahoo is going, it doesn’t go quietly. This update comes fresh off the heels of a Yahoo Mail announcement. Remember when the internet asked Mayer to take good care of Flickr? I think she’s giving her answer.

What are the features?

Scaling Images – As you pinch to zoom into a photo, the app loads up the higher-resolution version of the photo so that you get even more detail as you zoom.

Easy navigation – You can swipe vertically through a timeline of photos chronologically or swipe horizontally to crash into someone’s individual photostream. You simply doubletap to add the photo to your favorites.

Camera and Editing – The app adds a photo from your camera or roll, and lets you apply filters much like the new Twitter filters.

Is it social?

Social – The app is really built to export to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Flickr is going to take advantage of Instagram pulling out of Twitter cards, and will be implementing the feature for their service.

“Today photos shared from Flickr to Facebook are tiny thumbnails, starting [Wednesday] they will be big and beautiful,” Flickr’s product head Markus Spiering told Wired. Similarly, Flickr is using Twitter cards to display actual photos within tweets, rather than just links back to pictures.

The app is only a demo for now, and only a few journalist teams (like Wired) have had the chance to see it. I can tell you, I don’t think it can come soon enough.

Source: Wired

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