New Foursquare Feature: Time Machine

Check out all the places you have been and watch Foursquare predict the future of where you will go. Today, Foursquare has released a feature on their website called Foursquare Time Machine.

Here’s what Tech Crunch has to say about Foursquare’s latest attempt to drive people to their website:

As the Foursquare blog post explains, Time Machine lets users view their history and “zoom through time and space” to visualize your check-ins and “discover all the places you should head to next.” On that latter point, it appears to be referring to the images at the bottom of the Time Machine page which suggest other venues near your top check-in spots, which you can click on and save for later, if you choose.

Tech Crunch also gives warning that this is more of an ad for the Samsung Galaxy S4 than it is a new “feature.” You will quickly see that when you first begin to us it and the space theme goes along with the Galaxy name. However, you need to check it out at least once. They did do a great job with their design and animations. Turn your speakers down if you’re at the office because there’s some ambient music that auto-plays in the background while you fly through time.

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