New Giveaway Starts Wednesday: Winner Winner, Turkey Dinner!

Starting at noon MST on Wednesday, November 6th we’re giving away 48 frozen turkeys. Each hour, for 48 straight hours, is a new chance to enter and win a turkey for yourself, a friend, or someone in need. The turkeys will be sent out and delivered with enough time to prepare them for Thanksgiving dinner.

We’ll deliver to any address in the USA. Winners can choose to have a turkey sent to their house, the house of a friend, or even a local shelter or food bank. Make sure you’re following on Facebook or Twitter to get updates on the Winner Winner, Turkey Dinner Giveaway.


  • Josh

    How about you just send them to a food bank. There we all win.

    • barb

      Very true! Unfortunately there are a lot of greedy people but I certainly agree they should give them to food banks and donation centers.

      • PlainTruth

        Greedy people? You think the people that go to the food banks are the only ones in need? I find it so sad to see people judging others when they do not know the others situation.. Have you not heard the old saying that untill you walk a mile in their shoes ………

  • queenmarylady

    Thank you so much for doing this. We are going through hard times in my household right now, and would appreciate it if I won. I’ll be checking back on Wednesday! =)

  • Donna Lampkin

    Would love to win a free turkey. Would really help out

  • Linda Seide

    I would love to win a turkey! I’m a senior citizen on social security disability. With my fixed income, I don’t know whether I’ll have enough money to get a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner for me and my husband. My fingers are crossed!

  • Kari Jim Newman


  • Susan

    This is so good of you giving away turkeys for those in need and in a contest. We really appreciate your kindness.

  • MJ

    Ohhhh, this would be SO wonderful!!! :-) Thank you for this opportunity!

  • kld2009

    T Day!