New IKEA TV houses all of your electronics and cords in one place (post by @ashmo6)

Congratulations! You just bought an extremely large but exceedingly sleek and thin TV. Your TV’s thickness is unbelievably slim. You can barely see it when you turn it sideways.  The resolution is off the charts. You can see every blade of grass in Cowboy Stadium.

Your new TV fits well into your entertainment center but holy cow, look at those cords. You grab the duct tape and get to work. After about 20 minutes of arranging an rearranging the DVD player, gaming system, cable box and Apple TV’s cords, you have completely ruined your new TV’s sleek appearance and replaced it with a metric ton of cord wrangling duct tape and an extra remote to lose between the couch cushions.

Lucky for you, IKEA has just come out with IKEA TV, a revolutionary new piece of furniture you can put together yourself that houses a flat LED screen TV, a complete sound system, CD, DVD and Blu-ray players, as well as an internet connection. The piece also allows supports mp3 players and conceals all of those pesky cords!

Leveraging off of the Swedish word for experience, IKEA has dubbed its new line UPPLEVA. The UPPLEVA comes in three different colors (black, grey and blue) and a offers a TV range of four different sizes (from 24” to 46”.)

Another of UPPLEVA’s great selling features is it’s remote. What’s so cool about it? There is only one! That’s right, all of those gadgets can be controlled with a single remote control. But wait, there’s more. The material that the UPPLEVA is made of allows for the remote’s signal to pass easily through it so your electronics can all stay hidden within the furniture.

IKEA is rolling out the UPPLEVA to a handful of countries in June of this year and then launch a few more places by year end.

What do you think about the UPPLEVA concept? Is it something you would be interested in?

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