New iPad and iPhone to have NFC capabilities?

Have you been able to keep track of the new iPhone and iPad rumors? Because I haven’t. It seems like every day, there is a new ‘scoop’ that entices us, then is refuted, that then comes back, etc.. We’ll really only will know when Apple releases the devices, but in the meantime, we’ll hold on to what speculation we’ve got.

The latest rumor churning is that of iPhones and iPads being NFC (Near Field Communication) capable, in other words the ability to use your phone to pay for purchases at a physical store, gas station, etc.. I’ll admit I’ve believed this rumor when I first heard it a while ago, but didn’t expect to see for years. The latest reports though seem to suggest that it could come in the next versions of hardware, aka 2011. Given Apple’s almost mainstream presence with iTunes, iPods, and now the iPhone and iPad, maybe this isn’t too far from the future.

Such an undertaking would not be a small task. Apple would essentially be competing with the likes of Visa, Mastercard, etc.. and have to build an infrastructure of physical kiosks and adopters. The benefits would be high though as it is speculated that with such purchase history information from their users, Apple could better target advertising through their iAd services and possibly sell the data to other companies.

Again, it seems plausible, especially in the far future, but something this year seems pretty crazy. Yet, I don’t think I would turn down such an offering. Imagine not having to carry around a wallet, but simply add one more task to your already versatile iPhone. Just remember to be careful when you are swiping your large iPad over the purchase kiosk though. (Don’t forget your iPad skins)

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