New iPhone Nano?

Apple has been rolling out some pretty exciting news lately. They have released details in the iPad 2 that is coming out in a couple weeks and then a new iPad version coming out in the Fall.

Bloomberg has just reported that Apple is releasing yet another new gadget: an iPhone Nano. This new iPhone Nano will supposedly be a cheaper, smaller version of the original iPhone.

As of late, Apple has been wanting to try selling a secondary version of the iPhone that will be cheaper. The current iPhone models are around $199 – $299 for the newer models and last year’s model can be bought for $99. Even more recently, last year’s phone can be bought for as little as $49. So it could be quite possible that the iPhone Nano could be anywhere around the $49-$99 range.

Their big push, as rumor has it, is that the Nano at $99 will allow Apple to sell this phone without a contract and without being attached to a specific cellphone carrier. Can you imagine?

This would be a huge deal in the mobile industry. Many people think that the carriers have too much power in the business, and releasing the iPhone without having a contract attached to it could have some large ramifications. They key is to create a carrier-crippling SIM card that allows the user to jump from carrier to carrier.

Though these rumors sounds nice, it could be that Apple is just playing around with the idea. Bloomberg has said that Apple hopes to introduce the new gadget around mid-year, but Apple also said it could very well fall through and be scrapped altogether.

Either way, Apple always knows how to keep us intrigued.

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  • Frank Jonasen

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new iPad. I hope it still fits all my Zagging toys! I love the size anyway.
    This new Nano iPhone idea is great! I can see a huge market for it. I don’t think I would buy it because I can’t imagine a smaller screen than the current iPhone but then I’m not that young anymore.

  • Zarostislav

    Bull shit!

  • Joe Lee Smith

    Has any of this been confirmed by Apple?

    • Steve Jobs

      No, it has not been confirmed by apple as it is just rumor and speculation. Apple announces the new line of iphone every year in June, so YOu will have to wait.

  • Dee

    What a poorly written post. This person has taken a bunch of rumors and reported them as fact. None of this is confirmed, so maybe you should write as such.

  • Dcpwner

    I think they should make an iPad nano………oh…………wait

  • Nick

    Please learn to write, I hate bad grammar, and it makes you a lot less reputable. I really don’t beleive this at all because of the poor writing and lack of citations/quotes.

    • Éric

      ‘i’ before ‘e’, except after ‘c’.
      Just saying.

  • iphone 4

    Never…all these is just speculation until Apple announces it officially. Till then. It is all Fake.

  • Dru

    I think that this would be a good move for Apple as it would spread the iPhone to a wider audience.

    Oh, and to all of you that are ranting that this is fake, well, until you know that it is fake, then, you need to just pipe down. You don’t know, either. *eye rolls*

  • Victor Marantz

    AS A NEW APPLE Iphone 4 user I fel this is just another glorified toy. I received my current monthly bill with a $30 overcharge. Customer service via AT&T courteous but a half hour of double talk and not corrected. BUYER BEWARE. my web ID