Should It Be Legal For Police To Check Your Phone History After A Crash? [POLL]

A new law has been proposed in New Jersey by Senator James Holzapfel. If passed, it would allow law enforcement officers to search the contents of your cell phone after you’ve been in a car accident if they have “reasonable” grounds to believe the accident was caused by you using your phone while driving.

In New Jersey, all cell phone use by the driver of a vehicle is prohibited by current law. You can’t talk on the phone unless you’re using a handsfree headset (or the handsfree system that came with your car) and you can’t text. This new law would not only be a continuation of the existing law, but would step up efforts to enforce it. If passed, an officer would be able to search your phone history to see if you’ve made any recent calls or recent text messages to see if that distraction could have been a cause for the accident.

So, here’s your chance to speak up, ZAGGblog readers. Do you think this law is fair? Or do you think it violates your right to privacy, as well as your fourth amendment rights to protect against unreasonable searches and seizures? Vote below. If you want to share your thoughts, tweet me and I’ll share some of your responses.


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