New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight? Turn to Apple and Nike

As the new year comes into stride, gyms are more packed than any other time as countless individuals try to shed those extra holiday pounds, or follow through with their New Year’s resolution to slim down. If you are one of the millions of Americans (myself included) who has vowed to lose weight in this new year, you are in luck. My next few blog posts will be dedicated to the technology available to help achieve your weight loss goals.

Today’s post focuses on the Nike sport sensor. It is a sensor that you fit into specially designed Nike shoes that syncs up with your iPod. When two power companies come together like Apple and Nike, you can expect only greatness. The Nike sync seems to live up to that expectation. The sensor slides seamlessly underneath the sole of your shoe into a specially designed hole. From its little nest the sensor transmits a wealth of helpful information to your Apple product (iPod nano, touch, iphone 3GS or 4).

You can do a ton of things with the product. It allows you to choose from a variety of workout designed towards goals of calories, time, distance, etc. Pick a playlist and you’re off. As you move the sensor tells you your distance, speed, time and calories burned. It keeps track of how far you have left and also provides you with a “Power Song”, if you need some instant musical motivation.

In addition to all the cool in use features, the web companion is perhaps most helpful. After you complete your workout, your Apple device uploads your workout information to, a site that organizes and tracks all of your workouts. You can see how far you’ve gone in a day, week, month, or however long. This is available for all parts of your workout and allows you to track your progress and attempt to beat your records. One other cool feature is that the site allows you to interact with runners from around the globe, and even challenge them to a “race”, where you each complete a workout and see who has a better pace, total time, etc.

So if losing pounds is your goal, and running is the way to do it, Nike’s “Rock and Run” is the way to go. Music gives us that little extra burst, and is extremely helpful to complete a full workout. The additional info provides some additional in-workout motivation, and the online companion is an awesome way to motivate yourself to keep at it.

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