Nextdoor: The Private Social Network App For Your Neighborhood

In an effort to foster community, Nextdoor creates a safe online environment for your neighborhood.  Only after verifying your name and address are you able to create an account, and you must log in under your real name.  There is then a community site only for your and your neighbors.  You can post emergency alerts, events, items for sale, or exciting news.  This site brings people together in a modern age where we are so often sitting behind computer screens.

The site is free and very easy to use.  You can log in with Facebook or create your own profile.

I was the second in my neighborhood to log in and was then asked to invite my neighbors to join me and was given many tools to do so.  You are allotted 100 free mailed post cards per month.  This covered a good portion of my New York City neighborhood, but not all.  I was then able to customize and print out fliers that I could post; all of this is completely free.  If some of my neighbors start to join me then we can move forward, but if 9 other members don’t join me within 2 weeks our pilot program, the neighborhood will expire.  I’m not sure what this means or why.

At my log in page there was some information already available about the information city had posted regarding local pool openings, free wifi, heat advisories, and summer meals for kids.  These announcements were city wide, not just the small 4 square blocks that Nextdoor has marked as my neighborhood.

Along with the online site, Nextdoor just recently launched a mobile app on Android to join the iOS app that was released in May.  The app is easy to use, nice to look at, and makes the tools of the whole site much more useful.  Before the apps, there was an option to receive text messages with alerts, but now they will just come through the app.

Nextdoor’s future plans include branching out internationally, starting with English speaking countries, then moving forward. This is exciting news news and has now mad me anxious for the Spanish version because my neighborhood could use this right now.

As with all other social media sites, this will only be as good as the number of people who decide to use it.  It is now up to us to decide.

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