Nexus 7 Now Available From T-Mobile

Since the Nexus 7 was released last summer, you’ve been able to get the tablet in two configurations: WiFi-only or WiFi+Cellular via AT&T. Now, the 7-inch slate comes in a third flavor, adding HSPA+ cellular connectivity from T-Mobile. You can order one via the Google Play Store, which currently shows them as In-Stock. Like the AT&T version, it comes with 32GB of storage, and retails for $299 without any contract required.

As for data plan options, T-Mobile offers four different prepaid options:

- $15 for 300MB (weekly pass)
- $25 for 1.5GB (monthly pass)
- $35 for 3.5GB (monthly pass)
- $50 for 5GB (monthly pass)

The Nexus 7 comes unlocked, as well, so you’re free to take it to other countries, right out of the box.


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