Nintendo 3DS: But do you still need to blow on the games?

Remember being blown away by the original Game Boy? No back-lit screen, no color and only 8-bit graphics and sound a 90′s child could love? It was pure primitive heaven.

Young whipper-snappers these days have not only a lot more options to choose from between the iPod Touch, PSP, and the Nintendo DSi, but they now have the option of 3D. That’s right, 3D gaming and visuals in the palms of your kid’s sticky, grimy hands.

The announcement came on January 19th at Nintendo’s press event unveiling the new Nintendo 3DS. A portable gaming system capable of displaying 3D graphics without the need of 3D glasses. That’s not its only feature however, you also have in those grimy hands the ability to create 3D content with the portable’s dual cameras on the front as well as a facing camera embedded above the screen. 3 cameras total? Think of all of the awesome booger picking shot angles your kids can get.

Just as important as the hardware offerings is what software it offers, or in other words, games. Nintendo has definitely done what they could to make sure an impressive catalog of not only in house, but 3rd party games are available at launch. The list includes Pilotwings Resort, Nintendogs + Cats, and classics for a new generation such as Zelda and Street Fighter 4.

Speaking of classics though. Remember waxing nostalgic at the beginning of the post over 8-bit goodness? Well, Nintendo hasn’t forgotten its roots with this fancy technology and has added a virtual console to its game offering. Similar to the Wii’s same offering where you can play classics such as “Punch Out” and “Mario Kart 64,” adapters of the 3DS will be able to purchase old Game Boy and Game Boy color games and play them in 3D or 2D. It’s all coming full circle people.

What do you think? Going to jump on the 3D portable bandwagon? Or are you going to get one just for the classics? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Mark Dell

    I’m going to grab a 3DS without a doubt. I own ever other Nintendo console, even their last terrible venture into 3D.
    Also. Wasn’t the 3DS announced last June?

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  • Gerberguy619

    When are we gonna get a Nintendo 3DS invisibleshield?

  • JB

    I too would like to know when the invisibleSHIELD is coming out. Keep in mind in the description for owning your own Zagg mall kiosk you’d have access to invisibleSHIELD for all the hottest gadgets but wait so is the 3DS not popular or what? It’s been out now for over a month in Japan and a couple of weeks here in the states you’d think something would have shown up on here.

  • ro class 3

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