The World’s Most Persistent Alarm Clock

Despite the use of cellphones and other tech gadgets as alarm clocks these days, New Jersey engineer Paul Summut has created the ultimate alarm clock that can wake even a hibernating bear from his cozy winter slumber.

The Nixie Ramos alarm clock was designed to be durable and resistant, as well as look appealing. The clock face uses Soviet Union produced neon colored nixie tubes for the number coverings and two different wood finishes for the clock’s frame. Summut offers three alarm clocks total; the LED Ramons for $200, the Nixie Ramos for $350 and the Ramos Custom for $800.

The Nixie Ramos works by not allowing users to reset the wake-up time once the alarm goes off and operates from a battery in case users try to unplug it. In order to stop the alarm, users must enter a code into the Defuse Panel (an independent keyboard) that can be placed anywhere within a certain radius. This will force users to wake up because of the intellectual stimulation necessary to perform entering the code. The only other way to defuse the alarm would be to smash the clock into a million pieces, which hopefully no users will do considering the Nixie Ramos’s hefty price tag.

The Nixe Ramos is currently in its final design stage and about to go into production. The alarm clock is part of a Kickstarter project and is available for pre-order. The Nixie Ramos will begin shipping out this September.

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