Nokia exec claims iPhone is poorly designed. He has a solution.

It seems to be a theme of the tech industry to claim Apple is doing it wrong and that company X can do it right. Here’s another example of an exec claiming Apple sucks, and he knows better.

Nokia’s phones look good.

I have to tell you, the Nokia phones that are coming out really are beautiful. The Lumia 900 is an impressive phone for many reasons. Not the least of those reasons is that they came up with a design that was both ‘very Nokia’, and that didn’t copy the iPhone.

It seems that’s not accidental.

As impressive as the Lumia 900 is shaping up to be, however, Nokia is apparently working on another smartphone with new technology that will blow us all away.

On a Finnish site a Nokia executive is quoted explaining Apple’s user interface on the iPhone is “poorly designed” and convoluted.

“The road from the kitchen into the dining room is always through the front door,” Ahtisaari told Kauppalehti. Meanwhile, operating systems like Symbian and Android are described by the design veteran as “dollhouses,” with furniture users can pick and rearrange.

You can imagine that his premise is based on the app based paradigm of the iPhone. I suppose you might argue is long in the tooth. But is Nokia capable of coming up with the next, and better, paradigm?

It’s a high order.

The post doesn’t contain any details regarding a device or better operating system. As Epstein put it, “The executive didn’t hesitate to set sky-high expectations.”

In truth, it sounds as if this executive has been talking about such a device and experience for quite some time, and that the concepts might never actually appear in a production device.

Nokia is making some great devices, and I wouldn’t put it past them to set a higher standard.

Image source: PC Mag

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