Nook, Fire and Playbook – They keep using the same mold, literally.

When it rains (gadgets), it pours (gadgets). We’ve seen a lot of neat devices come out in the past few weeks and have managed to get our hands on B&N’s response to the Kindle Fire: the Nook Tablet. Join us as we dig in to see what the newest tablet has in store for us.

iFixit has taken a look into the tablet, and has some info for us.

It turns out, that the Nook Tablet has almost the same internals as the Kindle Fire. Unsurprisingly then, it’s just like the Playbook. The LG screen is basically the same, as well as the motherboard.

We’ve read on tech blogs that having more ram is harder on battery life of a tablet, but the Nook Tablet packs an extra 512 MB of RAM over the Fire and Playbook, and is still able to grab 3.5 hours of battery more than the Nook Color that had the same energy source.
The Nook has a beveled edge that makes it look a bit skinnier, but iFixit tells us:

Hold that pose, fellas. Yep, just what we thought: the rounded sides of the Nook are deceptive. Even though it looks skinnier than the Fire, it’s actually a hair pudgier. The Fire measures in at .45″, but the Nook is .03 inches thicker, at a mind-blowing .48″!

So, tablet makers are all taking on the iPad with effectively the same hardware. We’ll see if the Fire, and Nook can perform better than the Playbook. I’m so sick of this line, I can’t even make myself type it. [insert ridiculously cliche definition of crazy here]

I have my doubts.

Image Source: iFixit

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