Now You Can Play Classic Super Mario Bros Online

Great news for Super Mario Bros fans!  You’ve got the opportunity to relive some memories and blow off some steam.  Just go to  It looks great!

The website is still in BETA due to so much traffic, so they are working out the kinks.  Arrows to run and jump, and Shift to fire or sprint.

The only down side I’ve found is that it’s kind of hard without a real controller, and I just don’t have enough lives. Then again, that’s how that game has always been for me.  Never enough lives.

But don’t worry, there’s more!  Using the the “Map Select” in the bottom right corner, you can jump to any one of the 32 levels.  That’s pretty awesome, since I never could get very far when I was playing on my own. (Never enough lives.)

This is all great right? Nope, there’s more.  You can create your own level!  Using the simple options given to you they make it pretty easy to create your level, play it, save it, and run it on your own computer.

It’s awesome.  Maybe in my level I’ll have a lot of extra lives…

  • TomSix404

    This is too, too awesome.

    • Lizzie Robinson

      It really is. Sometimes I play this during Hulu commercial breaks.