Now You Can Record Shows On Your DVR And Transport Them To Your iPad To Watch On The Go

A new DVR feature for Dish Network customers may just be a game changer for those who love portable content.

Engadget published a full run down and hands-on review of the service today. Essentially users will be able to record shows on their DVR, and then while they have their iPad connected to the same home network as their DVR, they’ll be able to use an app (iOS only, for now) to transfer shows to their iPad. Engadget reports that there will be some quirks to rights management for different shows, such as some shows will only be allowed on one device (DVR or iPad) at a single time, and the rules will vary by show and network. The boon, however, is that you’ll be able to view the shows you transfer to your iPad while not connected to a network.

That means that everyone who is DVR’ing a full season of current shows (ahem, Downton Abbey for most of you), you’ll be able to save up a few episodes, transfer them to the iPad, and then view the shows as if you’d purchased them on iTunes while you’re on a transcontinental flight.

I love the idea of this and think that it could be the type of feature that makes people (especially people obsessed with television shows) think extra hard about Dish Network when considering the options of cable, DirecTV, Dish, or cord-cutting. When coupled with other Dish Hopper features such as skipping commercials and recording all of the major networks at once, this could be a truly game changing device in the set top box arena.

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