NUKEMAP Tells You If You Could Escape A Nuclear Blast

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a nuclear bomb in your home town? If you haven’t had such dark curiosities, I’m sure you do now. You’re probably wondering if you would be able to escape the bomb in time. You’d probably like to know how far away from the bomb a safe distance is. Well, of course there’s a web app for that! Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use this app for a serious purpose; like, if a REAL nuke went off in your immediate area. But, this app mostly satisfies the curiosity and question of “What if I WAS in that situation?”

The app is called NUKEMAP and it runs through Google Maps.  It’s easy to use and pretty interesting once you know how it works. The blast map of the bomb is split into five different layers. In the middle of the nuke is the first and smallest layer, the maximum size of the fireball. This is the most visible part of the nuclear bomb and looks like a mushroom cloud of fire. The second and third layers (green and red) are both fatal areas of the radius of the nuclear bomb. In these areas, buildings are demolished or extremely damaged. The fourth layer (gray) is the layer that is not as strong as the second and third but, in this area; there are still widespread fatalities and injuries. The last layer, which is also the largest part of the radius and takes up about half of the widespread damage, is orange. In this area, you’ll find that people would receive third degree burns and extensive fires.

I really hope this web app never has to be used seriously but it is interesting to see the incredible power that a nuclear bomb can deliver. It’s a terrifying thought that I hope will never become a reality.

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