NYPD Asks Citizens To Upgrade To iOS 7

iOS 7 has been out for a few weeks now, and already the New York Police Department is encouraging residents to upgrade with flyers like the one above. Part of the update includes enhanced security features, which the NYPD points out specifically, including the requirement that in order to reset a phone, a user must verify their Apple ID. In previous versions of iOS, the 4 digit passcode was sufficient to do a factory reset.

Resetting a stolen phone is one of the first things thieves do — especially those who make a living stealing your gadgets. They know all about Find my iPhone and they know all about the unit inside the NYPD responsible for tracking down stolen iPhones and iPads. Quickly doing a factory reset after they’ve swiped your device helps ensure you (and the police) won’t find them or your phone.

In the first few days of availability, more than 200 million people had updated to iOS 7, making it one of the fastest updates in history.


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