Obama Campaign Will Use Square to Gather Donations

The strength of a presidential candidate’s campaign often comes down to how they utilize social media and mobile devices, since that is how many of the upcoming generation lives their lives.  The Obama campaign leaders know this (remember Obama’s heavy social media use during his last election period?) and they know that a lot of little can add up to a lot.

During his last campaign, Obama’s campaigners focused on getting tons of small donations from the more common masses rather than schmoozing the rich and the mighty for huge lump sums.  And it certainly pays off (a lesson I think that Republican candidates would do well to learn from).  And this time around, Obama campaigners have a new tool; the Square mobile device.

Those collecting donations this time around will have the small card-sliding device for use with their mobile devices so that they can receive and process donations much more easily as they talk to people.  I don’t know if you’ve ever purchased or donated in this way, but it certainly is quite easy.

Such a powerful tool will enable the Obama campaign to do what they did last time; raise overwhelming amounts of money from tons of smaller donations.  The Square mobile device will make Obama’s “death by many cuts” attitude all the more efficient.

What do you think of the Obama campaigns tactics?

Source: Politico.com

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