Ohio Court sentences man to apologize to his wife…on Facebook?

There are a number of awkward interactions on Facebook that we’ve all experienced at one point: the drunken rant, the inappropriate joke, the incriminating picture, the bashing of the boss- when the boss is a “friend”… the list is endless. One of the all time most-awkward interactions, though, is the public marital spat. That moment when you cringe reading the bitter screed posted by an angry spouse for all to read.


Turns out, that seemingly innocent yet bitter post can potentially come back to haunt you in court (like many other unwise Facebook posts). A man from Cincinatti was recently found guilty of domestic violence against his soon-to-be ex-wife. He had two options: go to jail for 60 days and pay a $500 fine, or pay back child support and avoid jail time by posting a public apology to his wife on Facebook for 30 days for derogatory comments he made about her previously on the social networking site.

It’s basically the modern-day version of the stocks used for public shaming in medieval times, minus the physical discomfort. The original incriminating Facebook post can be found here, and the ensuing apology here.

Personally, I think the guy got off easy. Had it not been for his Facebook post, he probably would’ve gone to jail and paid a fine for sure. However, let this be a lesson to you crazy kids: always think twice before posting something on the Internet!

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