Old Nintendo console hacked to act as an alarm clock

Alarm clocks. There hasn’t been a great deal of innovation in the space over the past 10 to 15 years. Sure, many of us now use our cell phones as our alarm clocks, and there have been some nifty novelty products released such as alarm clocks on wheels that roll off your dresser and make you catch them to turn them off, or helicopter-style alarms that fly above your bed until you catch it.

But for standard old alarm clocks, the ones that are really just clocks, and sometimes maybe a radio, the basic design has remained the same: A digital display, a flat rectangular shape, and a more-complicated-than-it-needs-to-be system of setting the time on the alarm.

So with the alarm clock industry so bland, you’ll have to excuse my giddyness when I saw this post at Trehugger.com about a person who hacked their old Nintendo Entertainment System console into acting as an alarm clock. The nerd in my loves the nostalgia, and the utilitarian in me loves that someone was able to repurpose a piece of old technology into something that can still be used.

You can watch the alarm clock in action in the video below, and what you’ll notice is that the clock is embedded in the slot where you’d normally put your video games, and the clock is set by using the original Nintendo controller. To turn the alarm on, you just press the Nintendo’s power button. And if you’re like me, a slave to the snooze button, that can be pressed by hitting reset on the console.

This was a really neat hack and all, but there was quite a bit of disappointment in the video when the alarm went off and it was the shrill sound of any typical alarm. Bonus points would have definitely been awarded for this project if the alarm were something like the Super Mario Brothers boss level song.

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