Olympic Apps You’ll Need For Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014

It’s Olympic Time!  I’m really excited about this.  The Winter Olympics happen only once every 4 years, so we have to make the most of them each time.  Sochi, Russia and all of our Olympians have been preparing for years to make these two weeks incredible for everybody.  Here are some Apps that will help you keep up with everything going on:

SOCHI 2014 GUIDE – This is the official app of the Sochi Olympics. You can personalize the app with your own time zone and notification settings.  You will get the most out of this app if you are actually attending the games.  In that case, this app is a must have.  You can search for events based on your location, find events through maps, and even purchase tickets.  This is Sochi’s way of welcoming you to their city and making sure you don’t get lost.  Free on iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Phone.

SOCHI 2014 RESULTS - It’s a bit odd that this is a separate app from the Official app, but what can you do?  This app will keep you updated with medal counts. You can choose to be notified when countries, competitions, or specific athletes receive medals.  There is also a “share” option to link updates to your social networks.  Because this app also has the schedule and shop, you likely won’t have to download the other Official App if you aren’t attending the games.  The biggest thing you’d lose by only downloading the RESULTS app is the “News and Photos” option.  Keep the time difference in mind when deciding on notification settings.  You don’t want the app to ruin it for you.  Free on iTunes, Google Play, and Windows Phone.

SOCHI 2014 WOW – As Samsung is the official Worldwide Olympic Partner in the Wireless Communications Equipment category of these Olympics, they are taking great strides to make these games wireless friendly and easy to share.  This app was created for the Olympic Family (the staff working the games), but it is also available to the public.  This app will turn any Android phone into a mobile sports station.  You have access to results and schedules, and you can follow all of your favorite athletes.  You do get more out of the app if you’ve got a Samsung phone, but any Android phone is compatible.

“Samsung Smart Olympic Games” Initiative Seeks to Make Sochi 2014 the Most Wireless, Seamless and Paperless Olympic Games Ever  - Samsung

NBC SPORTS – If you are a sports fan you may already have this app, but for the 2014 Olympics NBC will be streaming all 15 Sports, all 98 Medal Events, LIVE.  You can get reminders when events are about to start, record some events for later, or re watch past events.  This is definitely a must have.  Keep data rates in mind though.  Streaming is best done over WiFi so you don’t max out your data plan.  Free on iTunes and Google Play. It is not yet available for Windows Phone, but NBC Sports promised it will be in time for the Olympics.

Make sure you add to your experience by following your favorite athletes and journalists on Twitter or Instagram.  Check out my post on Following the US Olympic Team for more info.  The main hash tag is #sochi2014 if you want to create a list.  Watch with millions of fans around the world and make this the most interactive Olympic games we’ve had yet.

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