Our newest iPad keyboard case is our lightest and thinnest ever. It features backlit keys too

We’re excited to announce the availability of ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus, our newest iPad 2 and iPad 3 keyboard cases. With a depth of 7mm, they’re our thinnest keyboards ever. With a weight of 15.3 ounces, they’re our lightest, too. The most exciting feature is the backlit keys on the ZAGGkeys PROplus. It’s ideal for easy use in dim environments and improves visibility overall.

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Ahead of the product launch, we provided the product to a few reviewers. Here are a few excerpts from MacTrast’s in-depth review:


With the ZAGGkeys PROplus, ZAGG has combined the best elements from their previous keyboards, and has produced what might be the most impressive mobile keyboard of all time – a thin, beautiful, and extremely durable creation precisely crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminum.

Backlit keys:

For the first time ever in a ZAGG keyboard (in fact, maybe the first time in any keyboard this portable), they’ve managed to pack in a three-stage backlight. Three different levels of brightness, which you can toggle between by pressing the backlight key. This makes the keyboard much more useful while traveling, as it can adapt more easily to dimly lit environments than a typical portable keyboard.


ZAGG has developed a strong reputation for making great iPad keyboards, and with the ZAGGkeys PROplus, they’ve outdone themselves once again. It’s extremely rare that I ever give a product a full 5 out of 5 stars – it’s also extremely rare that I ever encounter a product so complete in every detail as the ZAGGkeys PROplus.

Click here to learn more about ZAGGkeys PRO and PROplus.

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