$59 8-bit plug-and-play Pac-Man console

My family loves Pac-Man. Everyone. A good retro game deserves a good retro design. The young kids think it’s a new toy, and for the adults it has a bit of a nostalgia feeling to it.

Most of us would have been exposed to video games at an early age via classics such as Galaga, Dig Dug and Pac-Man. Who could forget the “wakka-wakka” sound generated by this sudo pie chart, gobbling up pills in a maze while try to avoid ghosts from hunting it down?

This little yellow toy plugs directly into your television and for $56.29 you have a Pac-Man console. It’s not just Pac-Man included in the device. With it comes an array of those 8-bit games we love.

Check it out: Coolest-Gadgets

Joshua Howland

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