ZAGGfolio v. touchscreen

Win One Of Two $100 ZAGG eGift Cards: Guess The Typing Speeds

Here at CES we’re demonstrating just how easy it is to type with our tablet keyboard solutions. Using the ZAGGfolio and ZAGGkeys FLEX, we’re testing, with the help of an iPad app, the typing speed of several CES attendees. We’re having those same people test their typing speed just on the iPad’s touchscreen. After testing [...]

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CES 2012: Tour of the ZAGG booth

CES certainly has been an amazing show this year. From OLED TV’s to wearable computers it has been very impressive. A must see stop is our 2500+ square foot ZAGG booth that has plenty of products on display and even a retail store. If you weren’t able to make it to CES we have provided [...]

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Spotify Working on Direct Siri Integration? Probably Not.

Spotify May Be Working on Releasing Siri Integration for the iPhone

The popular music streaming service Spotify may have been late to get to the United States, but they’re looking to be first in the race to integrate Siri into their iPhone app. In a Forbes magazine feature story on Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, Ek dishes on Siri as being “the biggest threat to Google” because [...]

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Find the perfect workout pace with

You’re slogging through a run jog and you’ve reached your breaking point.  You’re tired, your legs hurt, your lungs are ready to quit, and you’re just plain bored out of your mind.  Then, the Rocky theme song starts pumping through your earbuds and suddenly you’re a hero!  Your legs feel lighter, your determination is stronger, [...]

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Looking for a new religion? Try File Sharing

Looking for a new religion? Try File Sharing

It hasn’t made it’s way to the United States yet, but according to Mashable, the Church of Kopimism has been formally recognized by the Swedish government. Kopimism, which comes from the Swedish word for “copy”, is a belief that all information sharing is “holy”, and that information is more valuable when it is freely and [...]

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blendr interface

Blendr – An App To Meet New People

As a social media and networking junkie, I love trying out new apps to connect with people. I noticed some people on Twitter talking about Blendr, so I decided to download the free app and see what it was about. According to the Blendr website, “Social Networking just got Social. Blendr is a way to [...]

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TidyTilt – A Smart Cover for the iPhone

A Smart Cover for My iPhone? Yes Please

Another week, another cool Kickstarter project for your iOS device. This time it’s the Tidy Tilt cover for the iPhone 4 and 4S. From the creators Zahra and Derek at TT Design Labs LLC: “TidyTilt is an earbud cord wrap, multi-position kickstand, and mount for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. TidyTilt takes up less space [...]

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Cool Stuff at CES 2012: Unique Mobile Keyboarding Options

One interesting find from this year’s CES is the myType keyboard, a creative and very flexible tablet keyboard idea. To begin with, the keys on the left side of the keyboard are positioned so that when the keyboard is folded in half, the keys interlock with each other so that it folds up nicely.  The [...]

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iPad 3 spotted at CES 2012?

We just got this email from a CES attendee. It looks fake.

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Self sanitizing keyboard… Bathes itself, without shorting out.

That’s it! You don’t have to have a filthy keyboard anymore. You know that part of your computer that you come into contact the most? if you’re the type who sometimes eats dinner while you’re streaming some videos or surfing the Internet, then you know for a fact that your keyboard is filthy. Now for [...]

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