Palm Lives! (most likely)

Remember 15 years ago when the word ‘tablet’ most likely referenced something in the past, not the future? These are indeed interesting times as the tech world has been changed by a single product that many originally doubted it’s necessity to turning into the greatest selling electronic of all time. That product is of course the iPad and other tech companies are doing what they can to catch up with the healthy head start the Cupertino company has gained.

A dark horse in this race could be HP/Palm. They have been noticeably silent as far as new product releases go and many have feared that perhaps it was an end of an era when Hewlett Packard acquired the company in 2010. It is looking like HP/Palm is looking to squash that mindset though with a press event in February that promises to shake things up a bit.

What to expect though? Well, if loose lips sink ships, then HP/Palm may have a leak to patch as Engadget broke a story touting details of one of Palm’s offerings to most likely be released at the February event. The images feature a dual branded black tablet, codenamed “Topaz” with specs including a 9″ screen, 1.2GHZ processor, front facing camera, speakers on the portrait and landscape sides of the device as well as a micro USB port. According to the report, this is only one of the offerings from Palm this February with a possible smaller 7″ tablet codenamed “Opal” to make an appearance as well.

I guess with all things though, we’ll just have to wait until February 9th to see what becomes reality. Hopefully it is true that good things come to those who wait.

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