Pandora vs. Grooveshark

I was once an avid user of Pandora radio online.  Recently I discovered Grooveshark.  If you love Pandora you are going to hate this article, because Grooveshark is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Pandora is an internet radio site that tailors the music played to the genre/type of music you like to listen to.  Upon visiting the site, you begin by typing in the name of an artist or of a song you really like.  Pandora will play that song for you and then create a playlist with songs that it thinks are similar to the one you like.  Like the Genius feature on iTunes, if you’re familiar with that.

While still a cool site, there is one important thing that Pandora lacks; it doesn’t really let you what you want to listen to.

Grooveshark, however does.  Upon visiting Grooveshark, there are multiple things you can do.  You can begin by searching for artists you enjoy or a particular song you like.  Then you can listen to that song or listen to any song by an artist.  Then you can listen to that song again.  Or you can listen to another song.  It’s a bit like having an online iTunes library, except that Grooveshark’s library of music is huge.  Nearly anything and everything you want to listen to, you can.

Skeptical about whether or not they’ll have an artist you like?  I recently went to a local show in my college town and heard a band play.  They are called “The Vibrant Sound.”  They are a local band.  Grooveshark had a few of their songs in their database.  I was impressed.

Besides allowing you to listen to whatever you want, Grooveshark also allows you to create playlists so you can listen to a string of your favorite.  Also, they have radio stations of all kinds.  Electronica, Reggae, Classical, Rock, Alternative, whatever.  They have it.

Basically, Pandora is awesome.  Grooveshark is even awesomer.

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  • Pandora in Canada

    I used to listen to this all of the time. I don’t know why I stopped. It’s an awesome site! You get to hear new music that you may have never found.