Pay to get noticed on Facebook?

Did you know that according to ZDNet, most of your Facebook posts only reach about 12% of your friends? Does that number surprise you? Of course, based on the way Facebook is designed, the more interesting your post, the more people will like it or comment on it and, as a result, the more people will see it. But what if there was a way to guarantee that your friends would see your posts or updates?

Currently, in a New Zealand test market, Facebook is testing this very idea – the idea of paid post promotion. Through an option called Facebook Highlight, users of the popular social media giant would be able to make sure their friends saw certain posts for a small price. How small of a price?

In the testing mode, Facebook is trying out a range of different prices including “free” to see what users would be willing to pay to get noticed by more of their friends or others. The estimated final cost for Highlight would likely fall around $2.00. Does paid post promotion seem like a good idea or just another way for Facebook to make money off the site? Afterall, advertisers already use paid post promotion but individual users? …I don’t know.

“There are definitely cases where it makes sense to promote a Facebook post,” ZDNet rightly points out. “Let’s say you’re giving away something of value, and you want all your Facebook friends to get an equal chance to see it. Let’s say you are going away on vacation (or moving away for good) and want to send out a message for everyone to come see you before you leave… That’s not why Facebook is testing this feature though.”

Would you ever pay to promote a post? What for? Do you think something like Facebook Highlight takes away what Facebook is all about?

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