PC Mag: ZAGGkeys PROplus is ‘Excellent’

PC Mag recently published its review of one of our new keyboards, ZAGGkeys PROplus, and gave it an Editor Rating of “Excellent.” Here are some highlights:

If you find yourself struggling to peck away at keyboards in the dark, the ZAGGkeys PROplus is easily the best iPad keyboard accessory you can buy.

…the ZAGG PROplus is an exceptionally well-designed iPad accessory, with a sleek aluminum build that blends seamlessly with the iPad’s aluminum back.

You get a full QWERTY keyboard with chiclet-style keys, as well as a dedicated row for functions like cut, copy, paste, and media playback. The dedicated row is a nice touch, as the Logitech Ultrathin wasn’t able to fit one in on its keyboard.

The ZAGGkeys PROplus delivers an excellent typing experience in a svelte, well-built aluminum package.

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