PhotoRocket: Even Easier Photo Sharing

PhotoRocket claims to be “The simplest way to share and receive photos. Ever.” But what is so unique about it that makes it better than PhotoBucket and other photo sharing sites?

First reason, there is only one step. You don’t have to upload, email, resize, attach, or any other tedious activity in order to share your photos.

Second, you can share from anywhere to everywhere with one click. The PhotoRocket’s apps allow you to send your photos to an email account, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and other places. PhotoRocket is still growing; however, so more sites will be added to their list.

Third, with the downloaded app, you don’t have to give up your favorite photo editing program or storage site. All you have to do is right click on any photo, in any program, and you will have the option to “Share via Photorocket.” Once you do this, it is automatically shared – no hassle needed.

Fourth, PhotoRocket allows you to safely store all of your photos in one place. Every photo you share, even if it’s from your phone or a different computer, will be copied and stored on the site in its full-resolution state.

PhotoRocket is available on, and has apps for, Windows, the iPhone, and Macs. Creating an account at is easy and the best part is the recipients of your photo sharing don’t have to create their own account to view the pictures you send them.

I for one didn’t think photo sharing could get any easier that it already is. But PhotoRocket proved me wrong. Test it out and see what you think!


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