Photoshop Apps for Tablets

Yay, Photoshop is finally coming to tablets and the iPad 2!  Well okay, not Photoshop in its entirety…if so, that would be one expensive app.  Actually, Adobe will be releasing 3 “companion” apps to Photoshop, apps that let you do a few different things that you can then import to the actual Photoshop CS5 on your desktop.  Let’s take a look at the 3.

The first one that will be available is called the Adobe Color Lava app.  It will allow you to mix colors with your fingertips, create color swatches and themes that can then be imported in to your actual Photoshop program.  This could be useful if you’re working on a large project and you’re have trouble getting the right colors you want.  Then one day whilst messing around on your iPad you discover the perfect color combination and make a swatch out of it.  Sounds good to me.

The next app is Adobe Nav and will be useful to people who want more desktop space.  Adobe Nav will allow you to select and control Photoshop tools as well as browse up to 200 Photoshop files (as well as create new ones).  So that should be fun.

The last one is fairly simple.  It’s called the Adobe Eazel and allows you to make paintings with your fingertips which can also be exported to your Photoshop program.  If you miss the days of fingerpainting from Kindergarten, you don’t have much longer to wait.

What do you think, excited for these new Photoshop companion apps?


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