PlayBook OS 2.0, how to make it usable

It has been about a month since RIM released its update to the BlackBerry PlayBook. OS 2.0 came with a list of changes that made the tablet much more useful for consumers and business users alike.

With the new update they have now added a e-mail client along with a calendar and contacts app. These can sync with many different e-mail accounts. The Messages app, where you view your e-mail now integrates with LinkedIn and Twitter. It also gives you a thread of all your messages from the different services.

Other than that the tablet OS received minor cosmetic changes and functionality. You can now sort apps into folders and organized them as you like. The biggest change overall in the OS is that it now has a Android player which allows you to download apps through App World that have been submitted by a Android developer. Overtime this should give App World a much more usable app selection which has previously been baron.

With the release of 2.0 I have actually seen many standard PlayBook apps that look very promising. Now that the Android Player has brought much attention to the PlayBook developers are seeing it has some potential.

Here are a few extra tricks that I have done to make the PlayBook usable as my main day to day tablet.

Install Converted Android Apps:

Many Android apps have already been converted from a Android .apk to a .bar file which can you can install to the PlayBook through a computer. With a little reading you can install many great apps with ease. Head over to the Crackberry forums to see apps that have been converted. They also have given great instruction on how to install the apps by using Windows or Mac.

Sync Multiple Gmail Calendars:

When you sync you Gmail account it will only show your main Gmail calender. Following these instructions will help you display multiple calenders on the device. It takes a little work but it is worth it in the end.

Noteworthy Apps:

The following apps really help the PlayBook useful and give it the ability to make it very functional. You could continue to wait for developers to get their apps in the App World but it will be worth it to learn how to install them now.

Android: Dropbox, Amazon Kindle, Path, GTasks, Twitter, Pandora, Amazon MP3, and much more.

Apple World: Dolphin Browser, ImageAirplay: This app allows you to send pictures from your PlayBook to a Apple TV through AirPlay.

Pre-Installed: Docs To Go, Print To Go, Broswer

You maybe be able to easily find other Android apps by searching the app name with .bar. Will all this make the PlayBook relevant again? Maybe not, but at least it is now worth the money.

Image Source: The Verge

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