Plex, your new favorite media streamer

Plex is a media steaming application that allows you to access all of your content from just about all of your devices. You can view your content from applications on your computer, phones, or some internet connected television such as Google TV and Roku.

Local Streaming Made Easy

To use the app you will need to set up the server application on a computer that stores all your media. You then can add movies, TV shows, pictures and much more to access from the Plex application. myPlex allows you to login to different streaming locations on your network and easily stream all your local media. You are able to share your myPlex account with your friends and family so they are able to stream your content as well.

Plex also will connect to your iTunes library and stream your music and podcasts that you have previously downloaded. When you are running the Plex server on a local computer you are then able to connect many services on the web such as Picasa, Hulu, Vimeo and much more.

Being able to search all of you content makes that app very user friendly and helps you get to what you want to see quickly. One of my favorite features is the Queue. The most frequent place that you discover content is when you are on the computer. Sometimes you want to save it for later or you want to be able to send it over to the big screen. You can simply add a Plex It bookmark to your browser to easily store videos on the page to your queue to watch later.

Plex has been by far the best media stream that I have come across to date. There are many options for all users and it is simple and easy to understand. If you looking for way to stream all your content to your TV with jumping into the Apple ecosystem, this needs to be the next application that you try out.

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