Polaroid Takes On GoPro

If you walked up to 100 children and asked them what a Polaroid was you would most likely get 100 blank stares. Polaroid, famous for their “instant” photos in years past, has been a classic example of what happens when you do not evolve as a company; well they are finally making waves again. Polaroid just launched the Cube, a mini 1080p video camera with a124-degree lens that also shoots 6MP photos… does this product sound familiar? GoPro has really taken off and owned the “mini camera” industry, showing with their impressive IPO earlier this year, but Polaroid is hoping to sneak into the monopoly of a market by offering some things that GoPro doesn’t… namely a low price. The Cube’s preorder price is $100 (you will have to pay $40 more for the waterproof case), comparatively GoPro is priced anywhere from $199.99 to $399.99.

Now do not expect to pay less and get more from the Polaroid Cube, the low end GoPro ($199.99) offers  built in wi-fi capabilities and comes standard with a waterproof case, not to mention top of the line GoPro is now 4K capable; but Polaroid does offer charm. The Cube’s design will grab on your nostalgic heart strings with it’s classic Polaroid color stripes or for the younger generation it looks like a real life Instagram icon; it’s a “life logging camera that’s cute and fun like you.” Clearly the cube is Polaroid’s attempt to open the mini camera market to more than the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, and with a quality product and a price tag of $100 they may be able to.

You can preorder your Cube at Photojojo.com

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