[UPDATED] POLL: Which interests you more, iPad 2 or Xoom?

Please let us know what you think…

71% iPad 2
29% Xoom

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  • Tcook

    BlackBerry Playbook

  • Zia uddin Mahmud


  • iDoug

    What’s a Xoom?

    • jjsoviet

      lol your name

      Read about the Motorola Xoom, a worthy Android equivalent of the iPad and has tons more features, both hardware- and software- wise. Tegra 2 dual-core processor, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the works.

  • CRapple

    XOOM because APPLE FAILS!

    • Shaneblyth

      iPad 2 cause XOOM fails. Sorry .. couldn’t resist, pity they are being sued by XOOM Corp for the use of the name.

  • guest

    What ever is the best product for the money. As of now the Ipad is totally over priced for what it does. For the functions the Ipad has I would think the price of it should start in the $300 range and $550 for the higher end Ipad.

    • Kristi

      What planet are you living on????

  • Abc

    Wait till March 2nd, Apple is going to blow the pants off the Xoom. The Xoom would have gained traction if it wasn’t so expensive.

    • jjsoviet

      If Apple rolls out something with a processor equivalent to the Nvidia Tegra 2, or the openness equivalent to Android, then by all means I’ll get one.

    • Shaneblyth

      Wow that’s a new feature that could be useful the XOOM has pants , beat that Steve!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Colby-Brown/23901455 Colby Brown

    What planet are you living on? The ipad is old hardware and has a very limited IOS system that is PERFECT for phones….not so great for large screens…especially since tablets in a year or two will become more of a laptop replacement and not a giant ipod.

    Google has its issues, but they are bringing solid competition to the tablet market, which means that we all win in the end. My wife and I each had an ipad once they came out last year and both sold them 2 months later because it didn’t serve our needs. We now both have Xooms and love them. To each their own for sure, but the Ipad isn’t the best choice because it is Apple.

  • ZoomBeatsApple

    What is so great with apple products? Apple fails while Xoom wins. Ipad- does it even have flash for the video/ camera? It doesn’t even have flash software, no hotspot, no 4g, should I continue? Oh and by the way, xoom also has Best of CES 2011. When has apple got any thing worth CES? NEVER! LMAO!

  • Khurley

    The xoom kicks!