Power Your Devices With Your Own Pedal Power

kickstarter logoCheck out this Kickstarter project. Friends Andy and Steve are avid cyclists and are working on using peddling a bicycle to generate energy that will power our devices. How will your habits change when you realize how much you have to pedal just by turning on a light? How much would your lifestyle change if you were working, but also biking?

It’s called Pedal Power. It’s using your own energy to power your world. It’s a great idea that could result in a lot of positive changes.

Of course the areas that would most benefit from these machines are those that don’t have a power grid that they can easily connect to. Using Pedal Power, one could power a light, charge a phone or computer, and drastically change a way of life.

Although we consume a ton of it, we can’t generate very much energy ourselves. On average, an adult can generate about 75 watts for 2 hours. That equals 150 Watt-hours which is enough to power a laptop for 3-6 hours or a phone for 30-40 hours. That electricity can be incredibly valuable in places (off the grid) or situations (blackouts or emergencies) when you would otherwise have none.

Not only do the machines generate power, but they also perform tasks such as grinding or blending. One of the main goals is to develop low cost machines that can be used for a variety of tasks. Not only are these two doing the research and development for these machines, but they are also planning on releasing the plans so that anybody can build these machines, no matter where they are.

Pedal Power Big Rig

The Big Rig base unit is $2000 plus shipping. The optional electric generator kit is an additional $400. A battery power pack can be added for another $150.

The project has been funded, and we are excited to see what comes out of it.For more information visit their Kickstarter page or check out this video.

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