Power your gadgets on the go with a coffee cup?

People have been turning to caffeine for ages to keep them going when running low on energy. So why not use a coffee cup, so to speak, to charge your gadgets?

The Coffee Cup Power Inverter fits easily into the cup holder in your car, allowing you to convert your car’s DC power into two 120-volt AC outlets. Additionally, it has a USB charging port providing 500mA of power. So for about $35, you can charge three different devices all at the same time right in your car. It’s perfect for charging cell phones, tablets, portable DVD players, game consoles, or other portable devices.

It just might be the solution for family road trips, when everyone has some sort of electronic device for entertainment that needs recharging. With this nifty little gadget multiple people can plug in at the same time, helping maintain peace and harmony while on the road. Plus, since it looks like something you’d probably normally have in your car anyway, it fits right in.

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