Preparing for your Amazon Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire is going to be released next week. Hundreds of thousands of pre-orders will be shipped with accounts already pre-registered on the device. You may have your Fire next week or you might have to wait  to get it on Christmas. Here are a few things you can do in the meantime to make your Kindle Fire a powerful tablet once you have one in your possession.

If you currently don’t have a Amazon account you should go and set one up. This will allow you to get content on your account so you will be able to use the content on your Fire. When you add your debit card, credit card, or bank account to Amazon, this makes it really easy to rent movies, buy songs, games, and books right on your device.

The next thing that I would encourage you to do is check out the app of the day. Right now Amazon’s App Store has a free app of the day. If you find an app that you like you can purchase it now and it will be on your account so that when you get your Fire you can download all the apps you have previously purchased. If you currently have an Android phone you can download that App Store or visit the site on the web to start building a collection of apps you would like to.

The Fire is going to be a great tablet for media consumption. When you buy a song on Amazon it will automatically put it in your Amazon Cloud Drive. You will then be able to listen to on your Fire or on the web. Right now you can take your current music and upload it to Amazon Cloud Player so that you will be able to stream all of your own music to your new tablet. New users can store up to 5GB of data in the cloud and you can buy more through Amazon. On Amazon’s Kindle Fire page is said that you will have free storage for all your Amazon content. I am not sure if this will increase your storage or will just be for content that your purchase from Amazon.

The last thing you need to do is make sure that you have an internet connection and a wireless router so that you will be able to connect to the internet once you have your tablet. Oh, don’t forget to purchase your Fire and get a couple for the rest of the family while you are at it.

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