Professional Style Lighting You Can Carry In Your Pocket


Technology today has turned all of us into professional photographers and videographers.  Armed with iPhones and imagination, we are in a world of digital creativity.  Kick, from Rift Labs, is a gadget designed to take our projects to the next level.  It is a small “pocket sized lighting studio” capable of a variety of effects.

The light can be adjusted with it’s own buttons, but the real magic comes through the use of the iOS App.  You can adjust brightness, color, and strobe effect, search through specific settings, or save your custom settings for future use.  There is a great feature where you can see a light source  you’d like to mimic (like a candle), point your phone at the source, tap the screen, and the Kick is already creating that effect and saving this setting.

Depending on the effect you want, you can set this up on a tripod, hold it in your hand, set it on the ground, or even connect it to your iPhone 4, 4s, 5, or 5s (the 5 and 5s require a foam insert to adjust for slimmer design).

Kick and iPhone

The light and app is currently only compatible with iOS devices with the intent to enter the Android market in the future.

The Kick is available at the Rift Labs website for $179 or on Amazon for the same price.


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