How To Know When To Buy Your Next Apple Product

Apple users are notoriously early adopters. We love new products. We all want the latest and greatest, and last years model feels so “last year”. We are driven by WHAT is coming and WHEN!

I recently posted a few reasons Apple might have to keep their product dates under wraps. But that doesn’t change the fact that we all want to know.


Before the iPad 2 was announced, it felt impossible to know if I should sell my original iPad. Would there be enough new features, or changes to warant an upgrade?

We want to know if the new iPhone will be lighter and thinner, or have a bigger brighter screen (heaven knows it doesn’t need to be better resolution.) We want to know if it will be an LTE phone.

We want to know if the new iPad will have a retina display to match the iPhone 4, or if it will have LTE as well.

We have to know so that we can make an educated decision on whether to upgrade to the newer device or to hold on another generation. Most users don’t want to buy an iPhone or iPad just before a major upgrade, but maybe don’t mind holding off an extra year given a simple speed boost.


Did you know MacRumors has a buyers guide site?, and it is awesome. It gives you a basic view of how frequently devices are updated, and how likely a device is to be updated soon. It will also let you know what the most recent rumored updates are.

I’ve accidentally bought a MacBook or iMac a day or two before a new device was released.  Apple was stellar; they refunded both of those purchases and gave me a newer model. I should have paid better attention to the rumors and waited until the devices got updated.

I don’t think that will happen again now that I know about this site. If I were planning on buying a new computer or device, this is the first site I’d visit to inform the timing of my purchase decision.


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