Remember when the Sony PSP came out like…forever ago?  Well the sony PSP2 is likely to be announced at the end of this month (January) and is expected to make some pretty big waves.  With Nintendo’s new DS launching in March and Apple’s increasingly popular game apps, Sony has realized that it needs to get its game face on once again.

The new design of the PSP2 looks pretty nifty.  With two joysticks, much like the PS3’s game controllers, it should feel familiar to those who are already PS3 users.  Besides the joysticks, the PSP2 is going to be quite a bit larger than its predecessor, feeling a lot more like a tablet.  Which is the way these things are trending anyway.

It is also rumored that the PSP2 will have a trackpad, much like a laptop’s mouse trackpad, though it is not clear how this will be implemented in games yet.  That may be left to the discretion of software and game designers.  The PSP2 is rumored (rumors encouraged by Sony) to also have graphics and a display as sharp as the PS3.  If these rumors are true then this is likely to be one powerful little device.

Again, this is slated to be announced in Tokyo at the end of this month.  Until then, we will simply have to wait to see if any of these rumors are true, and whether or not Sony will be able to hold its turf in the mobile gaming department.

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  • Andy

    I will be surprised if this has graphics anywhere close to a PS3