Pure genius: These flying robots use your iPhone’s GPS location to deliver tacos

TacoCopter: One-click Taco Delivery in the SF bay area

You want tacos. You want them fast. Also, you think quadricopters are pretty sweet.

Enter: TacoCopters

Ordering your tacos is pretty simple. Just open TacoCopter on your iPhone, order your tacos, and a flying “tacocopter” will deliver them to you, fast.

It uses your iPhone’s location to find you, so you don’t have to waste time entering an address. The TacoCopter doesn’t have to deal with traffic, so it can take the most direct route.

It only asks that you “Please stay stationary” once you order. The TacoCopter won’t follow you around. It has better things to do. Namely, deliver tacos.

A delivery revolution

Can you imagine having other flying copter delivery services?

LobsterCopter, the “Taco Of The East” is in the works. Currently, there’s not much there: the site sports an 80 x 80 pixel image of developer Sean Coates, and that’s it. The site is registered under Chris Shiflett, a founding member of Analog, a website creation service. And for the moment, that’s all we know about LobsterCopter.

What other quadricopter delivery services do you want to see?

Sign-up for beta

The service is only available by invite in the San Francisco bay area. To sign up for a TacoCopter invite, TacoCopter needs to know your name and why you deserve tacos.

Why do you deserve tacos? Share your creative answers in the comments.

[source TheDailyMeal / via The Loop]

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