Bentley Shows Off The Car Dashboard Of The Future

One of the categories I enjoy keeping up with is the convergence of our digital lives and our cars. I love traveling, and more often than not, I actually opt for hopping in the car instead of a plane. Maybe it’s that old saying about the journey being just as exciting as reaching your destination. Or maybe it’s just because I love cars.

What you see above, and what you’ll see in the video below, is the latest QNX creation for the future of our connected cars. If you’re not already familiar with QNX, they’re the company that was acquired by RIM, and their design and technology are the basis of the upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS.

The video below shows off some of the main features of the infotainment system, like 3D navigation, climate control, music playback, and yes, video chat… as if we didn’t have enough else to be distracted with while driving. Anyway, it’s a cool concept worth checking out.


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