Getting tired of all of the iPad 2 news? Well, here is a story a bit off the mainstream gadget path to clear your mind and ensue some good ol’ fashioned hilarity.

Ever wish you had said something to someone who had wronged you but you didn’t get the chance? Maybe you were too shy at the time or simply were at a loss of words? Well, for a mere $12, justice can be served in the form of RAP MASTER MAURICE. That’s right, for two dollars more than ten, you can have Derek Erdman in the persona of RAP MASTER MAURICE write a “revenge rap” which he will personally deliver to the accused over the phone. All you need to do is pay the money (via PayPal), supply the phone number and provide a bit of information concerning your “beef” with the person and vigilante rapper will pen a customized rap and deliver it in style.

Negativity not your thing? Well, it’s RAP MASTER MAURICE’S forte, so he needs to charge a bit more ($19) if you want a friendly rap delivered from the revenge rapper. Samples of some of his calls are available at www.rapmastermaurice.com as well as other projects including $15 portraits and a campaign to personally send every resident of Washington a physical drawing of Carol Channing.

I’m not condoning revenge, but I’m guessing in this form, the accused will probably be laughing more than feeling like they’ve been taken down a notch. Who would you hire RAP MASTER MAURICE for and what would be the offense? Sound off in the comments.

Source: derekerdman.com

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