Recent Twitter Trends

1. Death of Osama bin Laden: This huge story broke last night and instantly lit Twitter up. There were an estimated 12.4 million tweets per hour sent as the news was unfolding. Twitter managed the load nicely and proved once again that it is a mainstream tool.

2. Royal Wedding: Duh. Who hasn’t been talking about the Royal Wedding? Kate Middleton is the envy of every girl all over the world. Who hasn’t wished to meet a prince, fall madly in love, and marry into the royal family? They got married last Friday at Westminster Abbey. Twitter users shared songs that they thought should be played at Kate and William’s wedding – as well as taking popular movie titles/reference and turning them into a Royal Couple pun.

3. Justin Bieber: The Biebs is back. Just Bieber’s Twitter account reached over 9 million followers recently and his fans were excited. They tweeted: “@justinbieber: WOOOHOOOO…BIEBER GONE WILD!!!!” Not to mention that Bieber has been touring on his World Tour where, last week, he performed for thousands of Indonesians at the Sentul International Convention Center.

4. Soccer/Football: Twitter followers were all abuzz about Real Madrid beating Barcelona, 1 -0, and thereby winning the Copa del Ray tournament on April 20th. Everybody was tweeting about Sergio Ramos’s blunder. The right defender of Real Madrid accidentally dropped the tournament’s cup from the top of the team’s bus during their victory parade through the streets Madrid. It unfortunately was crushed, but later replaced.

5. NBA Playoffs: Basketball fans on Twitter have been talking about some of the NBA playoff’s best plays and shocking performances. They’ve been discussing Kobe Bryant’s massive dunk over Emeka Okafor, LeBron James (“LeBrick”), and how the Knicks lost agains the Celtics at the Madison Square Garden.

6. April Fool’s Day: Obviously this was a popular trending topic earlier last month. Everybody was talking about what they had done for the holiday, what the top websites had done, and looking for ideas.


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