Reinventing the watch – a Kőrös Benedek wristband design

Watches and wristbands

Watches are worn by everyone. Technology changes almost monthly. Phones, computers, iPods and other devices all evolve. The watch seemingly remains unchanged.

We’ve imagined the iPod as a wristband, a watch is simply an obvious extension of that.

Reinventing the watch

Yanko Design always has some beautiful and elegant product concepts. Designer Kőrös Benedek created a product almost unrecognizable as a watch:

the Round-the-Clock bracelet communicates the time with hour and minute rings that rotate around the user’s wrist. Made of stainless steel, plastic and rubber, this exceptional timepiece is modern and elegant with a touch of masculinity that an equally unusual wearer will appreciate.

The bands rotate and tell time at a break in the watch band. It’s not available for purchase, after all it’s just a concept product, but we can hope.

Should it ever become a reality, it would be made from materials like stainless steel, plastic, and rubber. Too bad we can’t buy one right now. I’m sure they would sell very well.

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