Replacement for that iPod Nano Wristwatch?

You have likely seen the new iPod nanos (the little square dealios) and you’ve probably even seen people with them attached to their wrists like a watch.  Well before the new nano was ever released, there was the HD3 Slyde (DH3 has been covertly developing the Slyde for 2 years).

The HD3 Slyde is a touchscreen watch and allows you to scroll up and down and sideways with just a swipe of your finger.

By scrolling up and down you can select different watch faces based on your preference.  Some of the faces show the time in a unique way as well as the time zone you are in, some of the faces show the dates and calendar in addition to the time, etc.

By scrolling sideways, you are able to view pictures that you have loaded to the watch.  These pictures can be made as backgrounds, still enabling you to view the time, etc.  It’s a pretty nifty watch but is likely to be quite pricey.  The details on the price are not yet known, but the company did say that it will be releasing new, downloadable watch faces periodically that will likely range from $50-100 per download.  So based off of this, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to guess that the watch itself will be quite expensive.

Still, it looks like a cool watch, but for those of you who may want to stay on the cheaper side of things, the new iPod nano may not be as fancy of a watch, but it is certainly still watch-worthy.

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