Republicans respond to Obama ad with social media

In 2008 the Republican Party was entirely outmatched in the campaign for president. The Obama campaign was heads above anything that the Republican scrambled to put together, and as a result, Obama is in the White House. With the first shots being fired in the 2012 election by Obama with his “are you in” campaign, Republicans were definitely not going to be left behind in the social media warfare.

Shortly after the Obama campaign launched their first video, former Minnesota governor and GOP candidate Tim Pawlenty responded. He launched a video on YouTube and on his personal page that has amassed over 50,000 views. Pawlenty criticized the Obama White House and stated that for a new direction the nation will need a new president. In addition to Pawlenty, potential GOP candidate Mitt Romney fired off a social media shot as well. Romney tweeted ‘@barackobama I look forward to hearing details on your jobs plan, as are 14 million unemployed Americans”.

Based off of the immediate response and retaliation, it is certain that the Republicans are going to be fighting full force in the social media battle in 2012. Obama will likely not enjoy the huge online advantage that he had in 2008. It should be interesting though to see what affects social media has on the 2012 election. Based off of the response from this early video, it looks to be a big one.

What do you think about politics presence in social media? Is it helpful or harmful?

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